AikiCane® is a self-defense system using a cane.  Its methods and movements are derived from the principles of aikido and incorporates techniques from other martial cane systems. Students of aikido will recognize many of the techniques that have been adapted for the cane. Additionally, this system teaches atemi (strikes), blocks, and other moves specific to the cane.


Students work singularly and with uke (partners) to become familiar with specific moves and when sufficiently advanced use them in randori (literally “controlling the chaos”) or free form defense against one or multiple attackers under supervision to simulate real life situations.


Why a cane? Walking canes may take the stress off of knees, hips, and feet and are a common medical assistance device. As a result, they are seen as very non-threatening and can be carried almost anywhere. With proper practice they are an effective self-defense device.

Finally, here is a link to a 1901 article on cane fighting! As with many self-defense methods, we have evolved since it was published!


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