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Albuquerque Iwama Aikido (AIA) is a group of new and experienced aikido practitioners (aikidōka) in the Albuquerque area led by Kim Peuser, Fred Phillips, Paul Barrett, Nicholas Johnson, Patrick Hudson, and Paulina Przystupa Senseis. Our dojo is affiliated with Hombu Dojo via our membership in the Takemusu Aikido Association


AIA was originally founded by affiliated instructor Paul Barrett Sensei, who started an Aikido program at the University of New Mexico first as an aikido club and then as a class offered through the Johnson Center's Works program. In 2018, Albuquerque Iwama Aikido moved off campus and into its own space.


However, during the COVID-19 pandemic the dojo decided to close its physical location and practice in parks and public spaces as the weather and regulations permitted. We moved into our new physical location at 435 Adams St SE, Albuquerque, NM, 87108 in August of 2021. Although focusing on traditional Iwama Aikido, we welcome aikidōka from any Aikido background, as well as those without experience but who wish to begin their Aikido journey.


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At Albuquerque Iwama Aikido we take the protection of our students, children and adults, very seriously.  We conduct criminal background checks on all our instructors and assistant instructors.  Furthermore, they are all required to complete SafeSport™ training. This is the same training used by US Olympic and Paralympic Organizations among others.


For more information on SafeSport™ training visit



Albuquerque Iwama Aikido Board of Directors




President Katie Brewer




Vice-President Paulina Przystupa 




Co-Treasurer Lauren Pascoe

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